How to map SharePoint drives

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There are always some concerns with OneDrive sync client, because

  • Sometimes it's unstable
  • Performance issues
  • It's just doesn't work for some scenarios
  • Users don't want to study a new way to access data

So the alternative solution might be to create a mapped drive from SharePoint document library

Here are the steps you should take to make a proper configurations


Start “Web-client” service

To be sure that mapped drives will reconnect automatically after user’s machine reboot “Web-client” service should be started on the user’s machine and start mode should be set to “Automatic

Login into SharePoint Online via Internet Explore

A user should log in into SharePoint online portal via Internet Explorer Browser.

It’s important that user use exactly Internet Explorer Browser at this step.
And "Stay Signed In" option should be enabled in the tenant. It's required to click "Yes" when the prompt will appear.

Sign In

Open SP library in explorer

To avoid any errors for a future it’s recommended that user open default  SP online library with file explorer.

  • To do it user should navigate to a documents library on your tenant.
    For example: ‘your tenant URL is here’/Documents
    so it should look like this:

  • If a user has “Modern Experience”
    • He should click on “All Documents” in the right corner
    • Click “View in File Explorer”
View In File Explorer - Modern UI
    • A new File explorer window will open
    • User can close the explorer window

  •  If user has “Classic Experience”
    • He should click on “Library” tab in the top ribbon menu
    • And click “Open in Explorer” button
    • A new File explorer window will be opened
    • User can close the explorer window
View In File Explorer - Classic UI

Add site to trusted sites list

To avoid errors like “Access Denied” in the future you need to add your SP tenant to trusted sites inside Internet Explorer Browser.
This can be configured with GPO as well.

  • Login to your SharePoint environment
  • Go to IE browser settings --> Internet Options
  • Click on “Security” tab
  • Click on Trusted Sites icon --> Sites button
  • Add SP site address to the Trusted sites
  • Click Ok
Trusted Sites

Connect drives via “net use” statement

Net use statement should be used to connect drives from SharePoint.
.bat file can be used for this purpose as well.

Command should be executed via Command Prompt and looks like this:

net use N: "\\\sites\SharePoint\Finance\Projects" /persistent:yes

It will map this document library to users machine:

IMPORTANT! The command is case-sensitive, so be sure to double-check the path you enter.

Net Use code

Check if drives working

After all, drives have been mapped it’s a good idea to reboot a machine and check if drives connected after reboot automatically.

Known errors:

  • Error 53, path wasn’t found
    To fix this error double check the URL you are entering
    and be sure that you executed steps described in “Open SP library in explorer” paragraph.

  • Error 224, Access denied
    To fix this error you need to be sure that user has access to the site where SP library located. It’s a good idea to open the library you are trying to connect from Internet Explorer and check if a user has access to it.
    Also, be sure that you executed steps described in “Add site to trusted in IE” paragraph.

  • Other errors
    If you faced any other error you can check your Antivirus software settings to be sure it’s not blocking a connection
    and check Firewall settings. It’s recommended to turn off the Firewall.


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