Welcome to my portfolio page! Here, you'll find a collection of some of my earliest completed projects, showcasing the range of functionality and solutions I have developed.

While many of my latest projects are completed through my company, Chiron LLC, this portfolio highlights the work I have done throughout my career. For more information on my consulting practice, as well as additional case studies and testimonials, I encourage you to visit the Chiron IT website. Take a look around and explore the various projects that demonstrate my skills and expertise in IT consulting.

  • Digital Transformation Project for San Diego Gas and Electric Company (SDGE)

    San Diego Gas and Electric Company (SDGE) embarked on a digital transformation journey to modernize their operational processes and improve efficiency across their workforce. As a utility provider delivering gas and electricity to homes, SDGE’s operations involve a multitude of technicians, linemen, apprentices, and supervisors engaged in day-to-day activities, all of which require stringent adherence to work safety protocols. Prior to 2023, the majority of SDGE’s processes were manually controlled and documented on paper, leading to inefficiencies, delays, and potential risks.

    Description: Recognizing the need to enhance their operations and adapt to modern technologies, SDGE made the strategic decision to equip all supervisors with iPads and transition to electronic versions of their processes. To support SDGE's digital transformation initiative, our team collaborated closely with their stakeholders to design and implement a comprehensive solution. Leveraging the capabilities of the Power Platform, we developed customized forms and automation solutions tailored to SDGE's specific requirements. Safety Cards and Checklists: We designed digital forms and checklists to streamline safety documentation processes, enabling supervisors to efficiently capture and monitor work safety compliance in real-time. Apprentice Training Cards: Customized digital cards were created to track and manage apprentice training progress, ensuring compliance with training requirements and certifications. Integration with External Applications: Our team implemented integrations with Arcos, Smart Sheets, Click, and other relevant applications to facilitate seamless data exchange and workflow automation, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Results: Through the successful implementation of digital solutions and process automation, SDGE experienced significant improvements in operational efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. The transition from paper-based to electronic processes empowered supervisors to effectively manage day-to-day activities, while providing real-time visibility into work safety compliance and training progress.
    In total it was a long-term digital transformation project since 2023
    Technologies used: Power Platform, Power Apps, Power Automate, Flow, REST API, GRAPH API, Arcos, Click, Smartsheets, Oracle DB, SQL DB, Dataverse, Canvas Power App Moving Forward: As SDGE continues its digital transformation journey, our team remains committed to supporting their evolving needs and leveraging innovative technologies to drive continuous improvement and operational excellence.

    Digital Transformation Project for San Diego Gas and Electric Company (SDGE)

  • Custom Solutions Development on SharePoint platform

    In the migration of the National Institute of Health institute, DPCPSI, to a Hybrid SharePoint 2013 environment, we addressed the challenge of disparate groups lacking a centralized collaboration platform. To streamline information access and enhance collaboration, we implemented a structured information architecture within the SharePoint environment. This allowed for efficient organization, retrieval, and sharing of information, fostering greater productivity and cohesion among the institute’s various groups.

    Description: To meet the client's branding needs, we developed a customized brand identity based on the existing materials and client preferences. This ensured a cohesive and consistent look and feel throughout the SharePoint environment. Additionally, we implemented an Organizational chart feature to help users navigate and understand the structure of their department, improving overall clarity and communication. Furthermore, we created a user-friendly dashboard that displayed contact information for all employees and managers, enhancing collaboration and accessibility. To provide valuable insights and data visualization, we leveraged AngularJS to design and build interactive charts, graphics, and reports, delivering informative infographics for effective management decision-making.
    In total project was going for 9 months
    Technologies used: Business relations, customer engagement, customer training, project management, design development Adobe Balsamiq, C#, .Net, HTML, CSS, JS, Angular JS, SharePoint Designer Workflows, Visual Studio, UAT.

    Custom Solutions Development on SharePoint platform

  • Custom branding & InfoPath forms development

    At Ronald Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport in Washington DC, the HR, Procurement, and IT departments had numerous manual processes that involved filling out forms and obtaining multiple signatures. To address this, we leveraged the out-of-the-box tools available in the SharePoint 2013 on-prem environment. InfoPath proved to be a perfect solution for automating the existing processes, eliminating the need for custom coding.

    Description: By combining the power of InfoPath and SharePoint Designer workflows, we successfully replaced manual processes with automated online tools. Specifically, an Approval Workflow was developed to facilitate managers' data review and approval. Additionally, we migrated several departments from the Oracle platform to SharePoint, creating dedicated sites, pages, lists, and libraries to suit their needs. To ensure a smooth transition, we conducted educational workshops and provided training materials to empower users with the necessary knowledge and skills.
    In total project last around 2 years
    Technologies used: Agile Scrum methodology, business relations, customer engagement, customer training, Adobe Balsamiq, C#, .Net, HTML, CSS, JS, Angular JS, Power BI, XSLT, XML, SharePoint Designer Workflows, Visual Studio, UAT, Responsive Desing, Cross-browser and Cross-platform testing.

    Custom branding & InfoPath forms development

  • SharePoint on-prem implementation

    NIH AIDS institute had SharePoint 2010 on-prem environment. The goal of the project was:

    • Upgrade existing infrastructure to SharePoint 2013
    • Migrate all content with content database
    • Update servers
    • Migrate farm and sandbox solutions
    • Develop new branding package, masterpages, page layouts and web-parts.
    Description: During the project, cross-functional teams from both the business and technical sides collaborated closely. The migration process followed a lift & shift approach, but with additional steps for data review, clean up, and decommissioning of old sites. One of the main challenges encountered during the migration was the handling of custom solutions, .wsp packages, and timer jobs. The source code was retrieved and optimized specifically for the SharePoint 2013 platform. Additionally, branding elements were developed based on the customer's specific needs and preferences.
    In total project last for 1 year
    Technologies used: Waterfall methodology, business relations, project management, C#, .Net, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, REST API, CSOM, CAML Queries, XSLT, XML, SharePoint Central Admin, Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint workflows.

    SharePoint on-prem implementation

  • SharePoint Online Custom Branding + custom web-parts

    PCORI client wanted to update their Intranet portal with a corporate branding and develop a home page from scratch with custom web-parts:

    • News Slider (with approval process)
    • Display the information about newly joined employees (info from Delve using GRAPH API)
    • Custom Calendar with categories and approval process
    • Staff appreciation web-part with likes functionality
    • and other
    Description: The project involved gathering requirements, creating wireframes in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe User Experience, and developing custom master pages, page layouts, and web parts. The project spanned a duration of 3 months.
    In total project took 3 months.
    Technologies used: Agile methodology, Adobe Balsamiq, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe User Experience,Adobe Illustrator, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Admin Center, HTML 5, CSS 3, JS, jQuery, Angular JS, Custom lists, ASP .NET, SharePoint CSOM, GRAPH API, REST API, JSON.

    SharePoint Online Custom Branding + custom web-parts

Some of Past Projects Description

Atlantis (Bahamas, Florida, Remote)

Project Description: O365 SharePoint Online portal development, using custom theme templates, PowerApps, Flow, JS and CSS

Role: SharePoint Developer

Credit Suisse (USA, NY)

Project Description: Developing Blockchain informational portal for projects tracking on SharePoint 2010

Role: SharePoint Developer

CyberPower (USA, Remote)

Project Description: Developing Internal Communication portal with Onboarding process for HR and inventory tool for IT department

Role: Office 365 Consultant

Montgomery County(USA, Rockville, MD)

Project Description: Developing InfoPath forms, customize the G Cloud portal with js, and CSS, and SharePoint Framework.

Role: SharePoint Developer

Deloitte (USA, remote)

Project Description: Developing InfoPath tool for a survey to gather information from employees

Role: SharePoint InfoPath Developer

Brown & Brown Insurance(USA, South-West Florida, remote)

Project Description: Migration of files from Shared Drives to SharePoint Online, mapped drives configuration

Role: SharePoint Consultant

Bainbridge(USA, Bethesda, MD; Wellington, FL)

Project Description: Configuring OneDrive sync client and mapped drives for users, migration from Shared Drives to SharePoint online using Sharegate, Site architecture development, SSO configuration, and web-parts development

Role: SharePoint Admin/Developer

EW Scripps (USA, Remote)

Project Description: Building the training platform for Executive Management on SharePoint. Developing custom pages, logic, architecture, wireframes and courses. The Solution built on SharePoint Framework and deployed to app catalog.

Role: SharePoint Developer

Freddie Mac (USA, McLean, VA)

Project Description: Consulting on Office 365 apps like: PowerApps, Flow, Teams, Stream. Building POC with Labels, DLP, eDiscovery and other Security and Compliance center features. Migration of content, Nintext Forms and Workflows from SharePoint 2013 on-prem to SPO

Role: Office 365 Consultant

COX Communications(USA, Atlanta, GA, remote)

Project Description: Analyzing existing SharePoint environment and consulting on OneDrive and OneDrive Sync Client implementation

Role: Senior OneDrive Consultant

Associated Press(USA, New York, remote)

Project Description: Development of custom search results page, search templates, custom search refiners on SharePoint Online platform

Role: Senior SharePoint Developer

53 Bank (USA, Remote)

Project Description: Building the Gamification training platform on SharePoint. Developing custom pages, logic, architecture, wireframes and courses.

Role: SharePoint Developer

Pattison Sign group(Canada, Toronto, remote)

Project Description: Development of custom pages on Dynamics CRM platform

Role: Dynamics CRM Developer

Belk(USA, Westminster, MD, remote)

Project Description: Updating existing tool on SharePoint and IOS for tracking products

Role: Senior SharePoint Developer

Allegis(USA, Rockville, MD;Australia, Sydney, remote)

Project Description: Migration of sites and files from Google sites and documents to SharePoint. Cloudiway tool was used

Role: SharePoint Consultant

Regeneron (Canada, remote)

Project Description: Development of custom Dashboards, .wsp packages and PowerShell scripts

Role: Senior SharePoint Developer

Florida Crystals(USA, Florida and Maryland, remote)

Project Description: Migration of SharePoint 2010 content, alert, audiences and permissions to SharePoint online

Role: SharePoint Consultant

New Signature(USA, Canada, Australia, UK, remote)

Project Description: Working on various external and internal projects as a Senior SharePoint Consultant

Role: Senior SharePoint Consultant

Artel (USA, Washington, DC)

Project Description: Development of masterpages, page layouts, custom solutions and web-parts

Role: Senior SharePoint Developer

MWAA (USA, Washington, DC)

Project Description: Development of Automated Document processes, workflows, InfoPath solutions, sites and pages

Role: Senior SharePoint Developer

SkillWill(USA, Washington, DC;Ukraine, Kiev)

Project Description: Working on various projects with different clients on SharePoint and Office 365 implementation and consulting

Role: Computer System Analyst

PBGC (USA, Washington, DC)

Project Description: Development of custom Procurement system on SharePoint online platform with Angular .js, InfoPath and SP Designer workflows

Role: Senior SharePoint Developer

PCORI (USA, Washington, DC)

Project Description: Development of custom branding package, pages and web-parts for SharePoint Online. Development of pages for SalesForce

Role: SharePoint Architect

National Institue of Health (USA, Bethesda, MD)

Project Description: Working on various projects with different institutes and departments for SharePoint administration, development and migration projects

Role: SharePoint Architect

KPMG(Ukraine, Kiev;Russia, Moscow)

Project Description: Working on internal projects for SharePoint solutions implementation

Role: SharePoint Developer

Renaissance Bank (Ukraine, Kiev)

Project Description: Development of custom solutions, integration with 3rd party web-services

Role: SharePoint Architect

Ukrtelecom (Ukraine, Kiev)

Project Description: SharePoint 2010 implementation, data migration from 3rd party services and GPO configuration

Role: SharePoint Architect

Prom Invest Bank (Ukraine, Kiev)

Project Description: Custom branding development on SharePoint 2010 platform

Role: Computer System Analyst

DTEK (Ukraine, Donetsk)

Project Description: SharePoint 2007/2010 implementation, custom branding development, solutions development

Role: SharePoint Developer

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