If you need the app which will satisfy all your collaboration needs then Teams is definitely the app you are looking for!

Teams O365

Chat / Group discussions

The same as in Skype for business users can chat using Teams. They can create public and private channels to collaborate together and discuss different topics.


Video Conferencing

It's always the advantage when you can see the person you are talking with, not just hear. Organize public, private and team meetings all from one place.

Document exchange

Link you SharePoint libraries and Group documents directly to Teams, that team members could have access to the files they need without going to the browser and make extra-clicks.

Team Lets Get Started

Let's get Started

Contact me today to get more information about the benefits Microsoft Teams can give to you and how it can help improve your business.

Teams is a replacement of Skype for Business with more capabilities. You probably aware of Slack, so Teams is a Slack from Microsoft and it's already included in your subscription. Get advantage of the app that can satisfy all collaboration needs!

Build the right collaboration space for your employees and give them the right tools to get the best results from their work!

Teams Collaboration

Bots development

Try a new way of supporting your users in the app they are familiar with.

If you have some common questions across your organization I can help you to develop your personal Teams Bot which will help users to find answers on questions they have. This will allow:

  • Save the time of Service Desk personnel
  • Minimize┬áresponse waiting time
  • Provide users with the useful information they need based on the keywords
  • Automate Service Desk or other Department day to day operations
  • Provide users with one place where they can find all information they need.
Teams Launch



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