Create, discover, and share videos securely across your organization.

Smart Search

Intelligence features provide more ways to find and interact with your videos—so everyone can access relevant content quickly and easily.


Easily upload, view, and share videos right inside the apps your organization uses most, like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Yammer—all using single sign-on.


People across your company can share content—from any connected device, anywhere. Easy controls let people choose who to share with.

Intuitive video sharing—through the browsers and apps people use most—makes it easier for everyone to engage and collaborate productively.

  • Search for text or spoken words within videos
  • Enhance accessibility for everyone with closed captioning
  • See all speakers and jump ahead to where they appear in your video
  • Play your video while viewing or searching its transcript
  • Discover a variety of content without relying on metadata
  • Create content for users training and education
  • Share videos from important events
  • Build videos from Stream into SharePoint, Teams, Yammer and other apps

Get a high-resolution videos at a speed of rocket.