I am accomplishing migration with 4 different tools based on the project requirements and goals.
Sharegate is the preferred tool because it's perfect for content, forms, workflows migration, it provides good reporting and analysis functionality and the best option by price.

Sharegate migration
Metalogix migration
DocAve migration
Cloudiway migration

Content Migration

Migration of the documents, files, permissions from:

  • Shared Drives
  • Personal Sites
  • File servers

Tenant to tenant migration

Moving structure, content and permissions form one tenant of SharePoint to another.

Also, migration from on-premises to online version and configuration of Hybrid environment.

Migration to the newer version of SP

Upgrading SharePoint from oldest to the newest version. Along with Content, Structure, Permissions, Alerts, Audiences migration.

Upgrading existing in the farm sandbox solutions to be compatible with a new environment

Migration from 3rd party apps

Using some other app for your document management and collaboration? I can show why Office 365 is the best solution for you and what it can offer you. Using Cloudiway tool structure, content and permissions can be migrated from 3rd party apps like Google sites or Google Docs.